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壬寅Yang Water Tiger Year 2022-⭐A Flying Stars Analysis ⭐–

Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist) Editor: Edmund Chin

As the“Ren Yin”Year of the Tiger is just around the corner, I sincerely wish everyone a predictable and excellent year ahead.

Apart from analysing the Ba Zi for the first day of spring, we can also predict what will happen around the world throughout the year by looking at the positions of the 9 Flying Stars.

In this “Ren Yin” Year of the Tiger, the"5 Yellow Ominous Star” is destructive in nature, dominates in the Centre position, which affecting and controlling the Ba Qua and increasing its hostility. The flying stars for Ren Yin 2021 are resuming to originality. Whenever it meets with auspicious stars, it becomes favourable, or vice-versa."5 Yellow Ominous Star”, dominates negativity and aggression and derives unfavourable qi and destroys the good qi. There will be more plagues, droughts, unknown diseases, gastrointestinal, secret urinary system diseases, gynaecology, kidney, arthritis, periodontal diseases, gastrointestinal cancer, movement, wars and travel obstacles. Iran, Istanbul, Tehran, Riyadh, Jeddah Middle East countries will experience inevitable scourge, disasters and unrest.

The “2 Black Illness Star” falls in the Southwest↙“K’un”position, “3 Killings star” occupies the North “Kan position, and “Tai Sui” Star occupies the “Northeast” position. These four positions are likely to experience various natural disasters throughout the year. The “8 Wealth Star” stands in the Northeast. The First Day of Spring, the star of Wealth is being invaded and drained with no auspicious stars for support. It is not looking optimistic and wealth is unsteady for the year of Tiger. It symbolises that money comes and goes ; wealth will be difficult to obtain and accumulate in this year of the Tiger.

The"6 White Prosperity Wealth Star”, is metal in nature, will be at the Northwest “Chien” position, The“9 Purple Happiness star” of the Age Eight is also dominates in the NW, and belongs to Post Heaven Fire. A sight of the fire burning in the “Chien” NW position, is also a symbol that great Powers competition are still on the world stage and struggling, rebellions, wars, scourge are still existing. Due to these hostility issues, there are more traffic accidents, fighting and revolution and strong smell of existing gunpowder. The economy in European countries and American seems improving, yet still suppressed. People in these areas will lose their patience and emotions high. There are more gastrointestinal diseases and popular grievances. Leaders in European countries or America will experience terminal disease or critically ill. In the Western region, metal and construction areas can benefit.

The negative➖ "7" Red Destructive” star, metal in nature, occupies the West “Tui” position. European and American economy seems improving. However, due to their hegemonism, extension of brutality and QE policy, their economy will suffer from inflation, over- expenditure and their economy will further slide down. Finance and stock market will also be impacted. American leaders will slightly curb their bad habits and is usually never keeping their promises. Due to the combination of the flying stars with the Age of Eight, In Western region, it does not benefit pregnant women and there are other negative issues. There will be more respiratory and lung diseases. European countries will continuously arrogantly obtain benefits from other countries. However, being affected by the water star from the Age of Eight, and metal and wood clashing each other, European countries and America’s finance will face serious challenge in the year of Tiger. European countries will pivot to China for their seeking profits. America is also kneeling down to ask China’ s assistance.

Big 8 Wealth Star arrives in the position of Northeast “Gen” position. It is an auspicious wealth star and an auspicious star combination in the Age of Eight and can tune up properties and finance. The economy in the Northeast seems can be escalated, however it is only like flowers hanging in the sky and moon in the water. Due to the nature of the wealth star present in this area, if appropriate Feng Shui methods can be adopted, it is still good region for development. However, it is also earth in nature, young people will be lazy and pets will also be impacted. The star is combined with “2 Black Illness Star” of the Age of Eight, residents living in this area, will easily suffer Kidney stones, muscular ligament, gastrointestinal, secret urinary system diseases, stomach and senior women will be affected. The young will suffer dry skin, secret urinary system, hidden and stomach diseases, back pain, gynaecology and bone pain and emotion stress.

The“9 Purple Happiness Star– is a fire element in nature occupies the South “Li” position and combined with the flying star “8” from original star “8” from Age of Eight, causing fire element is very abundant. Living in Southern area, countries, Australia, New Zealand, people’s confidence is inflated and aggression escalated. The strong confidence aggressively bursts and generates disaster of bleeding. The“9 Purple Happiness Star is also a star of happiness, but people need to be cautious of being too over confident as might have some negative issues.

Because of the strong fire, wood and fire also generate each other, this position will have intelligent people. Also, as fire is strong in the Southern area, there is more eye, poisoned sores, gynaecology, secret urinary system, tuberculosis, bleeding, kidney, small intestine, stomach, heart and blood circulation diseases. But there are also positive events, celebration, harvest, and better income if meet with the star of water, or ignorance if meet with star of sickness. Due to strong fire in this region, water is insufficient, people’s wisdom, thinking is easily confused and there might be some silly pessimistic issues.

The“1 White Official Star” arrives in the Northern “K’an position, both are water in nature. Water will be abundant in the Northern area. The "4 Green Intellectual Star” of the Age of Eight is wood in nature also located in the region. Water generates the wood element, which will reinforce and smooth the elements of academic, contractual, reputation and career development. Due to the strong water, people living in the northern part of China, Mongolia and Russia will easily suffer heart disease, blood circulation and eye diseases. The combination of “1 White Official Star” and the water star of the Age of Eight, when it comes to the flooding moons, these areas will suffer serious floods and affect the harvest of agriculture. People’s movements, thinking and romantic affairs will be high and aggressive in these areas, especially for middle males. The “Three Killings” also locates in the East, it is not suggested to have major movement or decoration, otherwise there will be more disaster and turmoil.

The "2 Black Illness Star”, representing illness, arrives in the Southwest “K’un” position, meeting with the destructive "5 Yellow Ominous Star”. With combinations of these two stars, “K’un” area will experience disputes, arguments, fighting, traffic accidents, widows, abdominal disease, gastrointestinal cancer, stomach bleeding, villainy, court affairs, secret urinary system diseases, and reflux. The pregnant ladies and elder women will suffer most. Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan will suffer strife and social unrest.

"3 Jade Dispute Star” arrives in the Eastern “Chen” position, both are wood in nature, dominates disputes and arguments, villainy, unstable emotions, easy marriage breakdown and unfavourable career and finance. The combination with the Age of Eight, metal and wood are clashing each other, increasing the negative issues, such as, disputes, wounds, traffic accidents, surgical operations, aviation disasters. When meeting with negative stars in Lunar June and July, people will suffer chest and lung, gastrointestinal and respiratory, liver and bile diseases, emotional stress, thinking obstacles and confusion. During the Age of Eight,"7" Red Destructive” star locates in the East, people will lose justice due to money issues and emotional fluctuation.

The "4 Green Intellectual Star” is in the Southeast ” Sun”position.“4” is wood in nature and belongs to the star of Academy, dominates career promotion and reputation. The"7" Red Destructive” star of the Age of Eight also locates in this area, causing wood and metal clashing each other and indicates disputes, arguments, wounds and wars. This Star also increases people’s strong principle. Attributable to America’s provocation, Japan, Korea and Taiwan are clamouring bullying and Japan will be making lot of small actions against China. There are more negative issues, such as official careers, finance, families, health and popularity being affected. People living in this area will easily suffer liver and bile diseases, mental disorder. Whenever coming across with the negative star, people will suffer chest and liver, gastrointestinal, respiratory diseases, neck pain, toothache, 4 limbs injuries, emotional stress, thefts, especially for elderly ladies.

Please note that, there are many different outcomes with various combinations of the positions of the Flying and Current stars, which cannot be covered in this brief analysis. You may also be interested in the other companion articles written by the Author which are "Ren Yin Year of the Tiger Prediction", “Ren Yin Year Monthly Predictions”, “Ren Yin Year 12 Animals Zodiacs” and “Ren Yin Year Feng Shui Cures”.

Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

📞Mobile phone number: 0400 878 618

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