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Animal Zodiac Predictions for theYear of the Tiger 2022

Animal Zodiac Predictions for the

Year of the Tiger 2022

A few words from Master Jinyan - Another new lunar year will soon begin and I would like to wish all my ardent readers an early happy, prosperous and healthy New Year of the Tiger. These predictions for the year of the Tiger are of a general nature only and I’d like to remind readers that each person within the same animal zodiac sign is inevitably different. Therefore, each person’s fortune will differ and this prediction is for leisurely use only.

The Tiger Lunar New Year will be on 1stFebruary 2022. However, the day of first Spring for the year of Tiger will commence at 04:58 of 4th February 2022. A child born from this date onward will be considered to be born in the year of the Tiger. The Monkey is clashing “Tai Sui” this year and should encounter the effect by offering fruits, vegetarian dishes and incense to the “Tai Sui” and asking for pardon by facing the sky.

Those born in the year of Tiger, or Snake will be also “offending Tai Sui”, and have similarly a year full of turmoil. So, they should also use the fore-mentioned method of asking for pardon.


1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010 2022

Tiger is offending “Tai Sui”, there will be variety and changes for their fortune, career or romance this year. Offending “Tai Sui” is not serious, with only a small impact. As it is inevitable, changes are annoying, but should be considered as positive matters. Tiger should adjust their emotion and look forward to positive events and escalate their own energy. Tiger should ask pardon from “Tai Sui” as mentioned previously. There are two auspicious stars, “Sui Jia and Academy” shinning. Career will be recognised and can be developed.

Fortune: Proper income is steady. Due to offending Tai Sui, they are comparatively changing. Managing finance needs to be cautious and not too aggressive, especially for investment areas and do not invest in high risk sells and buys. Tiger will feel helpless for sudden big amount of expenditure. Therefore, Tiger should live within their means and prepare a buffer for such unexpected expenditures. There will be hindrance for Tiger merchants, so it is not appropriate for huge investment. Do not trust others, so to avoid loss. “Sui Jia” is related to automotive industries. If Tiger has the intention of buy or change new cars, it is considered extra expenditure.

Career: “Sui Jia” is a symbol of touring, a star of pacifying negativity, promotion and movement. The star can also assist and escalate Tigers’ career development. As per the strength of this auspicious star, it can dispatch troops. It can also benefit official circles, civilian military commanders and lift up reputation. Business and strategist leaders can have a good co-operation. However, Tigers need to be alerted of villains’ rumours and shocking emotion.

Romance: Due to offending “Tai Sui”, Tigers are easily pessimistic and unstable emotion. Tigers need to release themselves and be careful of company personnel contention. Whenever to meet with families or friends, they need to have a better communication and patience. Whether married or falling in love, for Tigers there are more arguments. They are easily hurt by rumours and relationships are prone to change. Harmony is the most precious for Tigers to stay with their lovers. Single Tigers, especially female Tigers will meet their ideal partners through social circles. There might be some hindrance at the beginning, Tigers need to be in low profile to manage all these difficulties, so to break up the obstacles.

Health: Beside “Tai Sui”, there are still “Jian Feng and Fu Xi” stars, which can affect health. Especially “Jian Feng” can cause Tigers to be hurt by sharp objects and drivers need to be careful of traffic accidents. “Fu Xi and Pi Tou” can restrain Tigers’ spirit and emotion and create insomnia. Tigers need to carry out more exercise, increase home safety awareness and avoid high risk activities. Those in the mechanical industries need to be more aware of industrial accidents and wounds. Tigers are suggested to complete blood donation or dental hygiene to reduce unfavourable impacts.


1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011

“Tai Yeung, Tian Kong and Tien Yi” auspicious stars bring Rabbits positive energy and personnel charm phoebe. “Tai Yeung” shines the whole ground and creates motivation and movement and dominates expansion of power. It symbolizes Rabbits’ fate is glorious in the year of Tiger and obtain male seniors, bosses, customers and business partners’ assistance. “Tian Yi” is an auspicious star to resolve negativity and reinforce positive energy and assisting Rabbits to change from negative to positive. “Tian Kong” although consists enormous reality, in fact it is concealing the meaninglessness. Therefore, Rabbits should not imagine those unreality, but need to stay firm to face the truth.

Fortune: with the supports from those auspicious stars, Rabbits’ people relationship is abundant and escalation of people net-work and from which turn in Rabbits’ financial proper income. The more movement, the better finance income is for Rabbits this year. Though it is a positive year for Rabbits, the star “Tian Kong” is easily consuming Rabbits finance, so Rabbits need to prevent negative inside the positive. There is proper income, but also some bad debts coming across. Rabbits need to pay more attention for their career and business seized by others. Stock market is not appropriate for Rabbits this year.

Career: career development is smooth, especially with supports from male people. Business focusing on male customers, sales and performance can be smoothly developed. Overseas markets development can also be achieved. It is also a good year for Rabbits to change their job or career this year. Self-employed Rabbits are also rewarded. Rabbits’ relationships with seniors or bosses are good, but weak with their staff. Hence cautious and harmonious Rabbits can maintain good relationships. Do not neglect their own partner or spouse because of the good fate. Be respectful of your colleagues otherwise social net-work will be impacted.

Romance and relationship: Single Rabbits will meet their expected partners. However, the stars “Xian Chi and Tao Hua” are in place, all those love affairs are not certain like working in the mist. There might be love triangles happening. Increase awareness of overindulgence in sex and wine. Self-restrain must prevail. Due to the star “Hui Qi” presents, it symbolizes that some unfavourable things might happen, so Rabbits need to communicate wisely and to solve all misunderstandings. Do not keep all these unfavourable things to yourselves which can stop all your developments. Married Rabbits need to self-check and use their wisdom to control their love affairs, so not be trapped into the love triangle.

Health: No major issue, there will only have some minorillbess, such as insomnia, tiredness, fluctuating emotion and heavy work load. Due to the stars “Xian Chi and Tao Hua” being in place, there will be more frequent social banquets. This causes intestinal, stomach and digestive systems being adversely affected and distressed. Rabbits need to restrain and reduce diet excess and control indulgence of improper sexual life. Rabbits will experience unstable emotion and discomfort during outward business.


1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012

There is no auspicious star shinning and lacking favourable star to guard this year, Dragons cannot continuously undertake their last year’s fate. Dragons’ fate is just normal, peaceful and passive and need to stay back. Dragons need optimistically to carry their daily events by themselves and face reality. It is suggested not to visit sick people in hospital or attend funeral, so to avoid negative energy. Dragons should participate more wedding parties, birthday parties to obtain happy and positive energy, so to keep their mind opened and accumulate positive energy.

Fortune: although no auspicious star is in place, Dragons’ fates are still normal, stable and not worry for tracing money. Dragons need to plan well for their daily expenditure, spend on income, then they won’t confuse their steps. It is a year for Dragons to use their brain and wisdom and perform every event by themselves. The more they work, the more Dragons can reward. Investment in fiancé or stock market will not be appropriate for Dragon this year. Don’t trust unreliable information or sources and don’t borrow money to others, otherwise money won’t return. Whenever signing any contract or terms, must read them carefully before signature.

Career: utilizing own talent and recognition and creating more new ideas, Dragons will sooner or later be admired by others. Dragons need to establish their social net-work and partners. Whenever stay with colleagues, need to be harmony, Dragons will get their benefit from their work. Dragons need to pay more attention to their female partners, as “Yuet Sha” is a negative female villain who will turn down against you.

Romance and Relationship: Dragons’ love affairs like roller coaster, going up and down and not ideal. Dragons need initiatively to approach their lovers, so chances might be active. Honeymoon Dragons might be affected by outside factors and arguments causing their love affairs to change and put them in a situation of cold war. Due to the negative star “Tian Ku” is in place, couples might be conflicted by small issues. Dragons need to have a better communication with their partners and have a mind of forgiveness and consideration. Peace is mandatory. This year, Dragons will have increased arguments with their friends. There is a serious test of friendships.

Health: No major issues, there will be some minor sickness issue, such as insomnia, unstable emotion. Dragons are reminded to be cautious of their diet, as they will suffer of stomach and intestine sickness, digestive issues and discomfort. Dragons will easily be injured by sharp objects. Be careful of elderly at home and don’t visit sick people in hospital or attend funeral. Otherwise, they will reduce their fate in the year of Tiger.


1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013

Snakes are offending “Tai Sui” this year, it is only a small impact and not serious. However, it is inevitable changing and annoying. There is still some minor trouble that will happen and cause unstable emotion. Snake need to ask pardon from “Tai Sui” as method mentioned previously and seek a peaceful mind. There is auspicious star “Tai Yin” is in place, it will benefit to the career of beauty salon, hair styles and dress fashions for females. At the meantime, the star shows that feminism is elevated and females’ careers and lives development is better than male. Another auspicious star “Yu Tang” can bring Snakes good fortune. Therefore, Snakes will have a smooth in the year of Tiger.

Fortune: Due to “Yu Tang” is shining, fiancé will be favourable no matter in the proper or stock market areas. Although fiancé increases, there is negative stars “Guan Suo and San Xing” which can create power of destruction because something suddenly happened and creates frustration. Specifically, there are issues relating to money lending to friends. Snakes need to justify and be cautious about all risks before decisions made, so to avoid unnecessary losses. As per investments or small gambling in stock market, must cease whenever there are harvests. Snakes need to stay.

Career: “Tai Yin” is in place, it is greatly benefiting to females, no matter in the areas of life styles or careers. Careers for focussing to female customers, males or female Snakes can have a better reward this year. Male snakes may not perform as good as female snakes. However, with the assistance of this star, male snakes can obtain female seniors or bosses’ promotion and there will be chance for promotion.

Romance and Relationship: Love affairs are stable, no major development. Single female Snakes can meet their expected partners and obtain senior female to link up their expected men, but may not be easy to break up the progress of love path. Male Snakes can have the chance to meet older female. Romance in the year of Tiger, it is not a suitable year for Snakes to develop their love affairs and Snakes are not very keen to develop or face love affairs. Impact by the star of “Gu Shen”, Snakes’ love path is not abundant and more chance to separate with their lovers. Married Snakes’ love affairs and are fluctuating up and down, therefore Snakes need to stabilize their emotion and keep harmony with family and relationship.

Health: Snakes are offending “Tai Sui”, it is suggested to carry out teeth hygiene or donate blood in the beginning of the year to reduce the impacts. Snakes need to pay more attention relating their skin and joint diseases, especially knees, waist and back, which will have the chance to be injured easily and there is possibility to relapse. On driving Snakes need to be careful and safe. Caution is advised. Donot neglect for the elderly at home. Donot perform high risk exercise, such as climbing or sea activities and be careful of possible self-injuries.


1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 2014

Horses are combining with Tigers and Dogs in the year of Tiger. This combination dominates people relationship, career achievement and popularity are harmony. Horses need to grasp this favourable chance and utilise this special opportunity. “San Tai, Jiang Xing and Tang Fu” are in place, representing position and power can be elevated, career, job and reputation are recognized by seniors. Co-operation with colleagues is smooth. “Tang Fu” is a commander and gives the command order to different aspects and directions and can assist and elevate Horses’ authority. Therefore, it is a good year for Horses to pursue good achievements and careers.

Fortune: good development of fortune this year, proper income will be abundant. Salary increment has no doubt, investment in real property can also bring Horses good income. Although fortune fate is favourable, Horses need to be careful being deceived or impacted by friends. At the meaning, Horses also need to be aware that cold arrow may be shot from villains at the back, because of “Kung Fu, Fei Fu and Nien Fu”are in place. These negative stars can affect Horses, small impact maybe fined or court affairs. Therefore, whenever signing contracts or verbal promises, Horses must be cautious, so to avoid unnecessary losses.

Career: Horses’ career or academic standing will be elevated and recognized, Horses must grasp this good opportunity for further development and optimistically adding their self-value. “Tang Fu”, especially in the area of discipline, law enforcement, disciplinary force, will be escalated and deeply recognized by public and seniors and reputation will also be elevated. Civil Service or military force’s strategies will be prominent. Therefore, Horses must sincerely take this opportunity for their advancement. Tigers combine to “Tai Sui”, a sign of merging and a sign for job hopping.

Romance and Relationship: Horses are combining “Tai Sui”, social relationship is favourable, but love affairs are only stable, because lacking the star of popularity and Horses are too concentrating in their careers and miss or neglect their love opportunity. “Wu Gui” dominates suspicions, married Horses’ love affairs are comparative up and down and sceptical manners toward their partners. Horses need to stabilize their emotion and control their temper and adopt an active care to their opposites. Married Horses need to avoid third party side to impact their families.

Health: no major issue. Horses’ emotion is impacted by “Wu Gui”, the star symbolizes sickness, loses money and causes Horses’ dilemma and insomnia. Horses need to balance their job loads and resting time. Horses need to drain away all the pessimists and pay more attention to hygiene. During travelling, Horses will easily experience uncomfortable stomach sickness and losing finance, or delay of the aviation or missing documents.


1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 2015

Goats, having experienced a fluctuated and negative year, all those unfavourable issues were over. “Yuet Tack, Kwok Yi and Tien Xi” are in place and shining on Goats and turning all negative issues to positive, career, reputation and finance are as easy as fishing fish. “Yuet Tack” is a star of charity, representing opportunities from female and all negative things will turn to positive. “Tian Xi” is a proper romance star and shining together with “Hong Luen”, marriages or new coming members in the families will be prominent.

Fortune: with the support from “Kwok Yin and Yuet Tack”, Goats’ careers will be promoted, salary increment are expected. Whenever “Yuet Tack” is in place, “Siu Hao” will accompany, which dominates losing some small money and unexpected expenditures. It is not wise to invest for short term for quick money, other Goats will definitely lose their money. Besides, Goats also need to prevent thefts and signing contracts and receive fines. Managing finance should keep proper reserve for necessary uses.

Career: “Kwok Yin” dominates power and authority. Goat people’s career and salary will be elevated. There is a sign for job movements, changing departments and promotion. Administrators and leaderships will be admired and recognized. Merchants are expected to explore their business and customers bases and these can be increasing. People relationships are also following and obtaining seniors’ elevations. Staffs are also supportive, social net-work and good allies are also escalated. It is suggested that Goats should not interfere other people’s issues and just manage their internal matters, which will be benefit for Goats.

Romance and Relationship: “Tien Xi” is in place, dominates romance, especially for single Goats easily to meet their expected partners. Unmarried Goats can meet their expected partners through seniors’ recommendations. Married Goats’ romance is abundant and full of romantic. This star symbolizes Goats will experience a happy year, such as marriage, increasing new family members, promotion and buying properties. Goats still need to keep calm and do not over passionate to opposite genders, so to avoid being trapped.

Health: Health will be normal and no major issues. “Si Fu, Siu Hao and Huang Fan” are meeting together, donot neglect because Goats’ are in good fate. Small sickness is not negative, but prevention for uncertain disasters need to take into consideration and pay more attention to daily diets and be aware of epidemic diseases. Excessive social diets and drinks can cause poor health and health index rises. There are some sudden and predictable epidemic diseases, so whenever feeling uncomfortable, must seek medical advice. It is wisely to prevent possible work-injuries during the year of Tiger.


1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016

Monkeys are clashing “Tai Sui” this year and should encounter the effect by offering fruits, vegetarian dishes and incense to the “Tai Sui” and asking for pardon by facing the sky. It is suggested that Monkeys should carry out cleansing teeth or donate blood in early year of Tiger, so to reduce bleeding. Monkeys will experience a year of instability and need to self-control their daily speech and self- encouragement and overcome all difficulties. “Yi Ma” is also presenting, it symbolizes a year with variety movements and impacts, such as, love affairs, career and properties changes. Changes may not be a bad thing, as long as Monkeys can dominate their right and update the changes. “Tian Jie and Di Jie” are stars to resolve evils and pacify negative things.

Fortune: “Da Hao and Sui Po”dominate Monkeys’ fortune this year and do not neglect the impacts of these two negative stars, especially for the investment areas. Do not invest in high-risk products, otherwise, money loss will be inevitable. “Yi Ma” symbolizes movement. Monkeys need to explore their fortune in different directions. Strategies and thinking also need to cope with the changes and do not just stay in the original step and need to look for new ideas. Fortune will come from good directions. Those in the ocean transportation career, transportation or overseas business or multinational corporations can easily grain Monkeys’ fortune. Those in the career of performance, business and field service, Monkeys can grain what their plan for this year.

Career: career will be in a tendency of instability and lacking directions. People relationship is not harmony and disagreement with partners, changes and unknown for all overseas developments. Monkeys need to seek for possible changes to against all these unfavourable issues and do not just stay in the present stage for suffering these impacts. “Fu Chen and Lan Gan” represent activities are floating and in stabilizing. All these are leading Monkeys’ bad emotion and thinking to change jobs or retirement.

Romance and Relationship: Romantic path is not stable like roller coaster and frequent arguments with lovers. Monkeys need to stay calm to face their partners, so to avoid hurting feeling each other. As motto says:“one celebration can against three disasters”. Passionately lovers can tie their knobs this year, so to stabilize the impacts of “Tai Sui”. Married Monkeys will experience more quarrels with their couples. Monkeys need to be patient and forgivable to their partners and have better communications. Peace is a must. Single Monkeys’ romance is only in a normal situation and easily stop by others, there are disputes among friends and it is considered a test for their friendship.

Health: due to clashing “Tai Sui”, all daily activities and lives must stay alerted. 4 limb injuries are quite normal this year, easily hurt by sharp objects, chance of operation and boat crisis. High risk activities should be avoided. There is a sign of piety and be care full of elderly at home. Whenever there is any sickness for elderly, must seek medical advice.


1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 2017

“Ze Wei and Long Tack” are in place, with the support from super auspicious stars, Roosters’ fate like the great sun in the sky, fate’s index is high, fortune and reputation are easily obtained. The combination of these two stars, no matter any difficulties and crisis, Roosters can easily overcome and march on. “Tien Chu” presents, a symbol of excellent diets, banquets for Roosters and also an intention to invite others.

Fortune: Proper income will be expected. Although it is a favourable year, there is still some hidden unstable factor. “Bao Bai, Tian Wei and Di Sha” are in place, Roosters must be alerted that there will be negative factors inside the positive. Roosters will gain significant income, but will also lose money and there is hindrance inside the smooth path. Roosters should not be too enthusiastic to invest in the opportunistic areas, so to avoid loses. It is not suggested that Roosters to be guarantors or lending money to friends. Even though Roosters have the entrepreneurial ambition, yet they need to work within their means and do not raise debts.

Career: with the auspicious stars shining, it will be greatly benefit to salary Roosters and jobs will also be highly recognized, chance for promotion, good benefit to political officers and their career paths. This is a good year for Merchant Roosters to explore and advance their careers and income will also be greatly increased. Administrators or leader classes can expand their talent. Roosters need to prevent that there will be sudden frustration and plan well before any strategies, so to reduce loses.

Romance and Relationship: Roosters’ social net-work is abundant and busy for their entertainment and presenting a pop-out image during these social activities. Because of their romantic fate is abundant and heterosexual relationship is favourable, Roosters must be self-control and do not greedy for all these activities and be alerted of sexual impacts. Unmarried Roosters can tie their knobs this year. Married couples’ romances are like fish swimming in the water. It is suggested that Roosters should share more time going for travelling with their partners, this will definitely increase their romantic events. Beware of those abnormal romance, it will hurt their families and avoid unnecessary family impacts.

Health: health is favourable and delightful and no major issues. There might be some small sickness, as long as Roosters take more care, they will have a healthy year. Due to the impact of “Tian E”, there might be some small accident during travelling or business trip. However, with auspicious stars’ supports, all these impacts is just a small threatening issues. It is necessary to check all travel documents, belongings and papers before travelling. Do not take high risk exercises, or Roosters might have accidents arisen.


1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 2018

There is only one star “Hua Gai”is in place. Fortunately, Dogs combine with “Tai Sui” and with the stars “San Tai and Jiang Xi”on other side to shine on Dogs, fate will be smooth. “Hua Gai” is a star that can reinforce Dog People’s artistic development and thinking and provide Dogs’ creation and inspiration are abundant and match to their high point. Especially for those military force, customs officers, firemen and discipline officers will have chances for promotions. “Bai Hu, Tian Xiong, Tai sha and Fei lan” are in place. Dog people must be alert on their social speech and activities and a peaceful path will be on for Dogs.

Fortune: Fortune is stable. Dogs’ fortune must work hard to generate their own fortune and won’t be able to seek from others. There will be sudden expenditures, especially in the medical area, which cause dogs feeling pressure. Therefore, dogs need to conservatively manage their finance for these demands and keep alert. It is not appropriate for quick return investment. “Bai Hu” is in place which will lead Dogs having unexpected expenses, disasters and unstable fate.

Career: Those who are in the areas of artist development, creations and thinking, their inspirations will be motivated. However, “Hua Gai” represents haughty, Dogs’ personal consciousness is high and Dogs should not too high self-esteemed and should always think of others, otherwise, Dogs will be painstaking and won’t be able supported by staffs and need to battle themselves. “Bai Hu” also represents female villains to pin-point against on Dogs.

Romance and Relationship: Not favourable this year, Dogs’ emotion has a unpredictable and frustrated ride. Married or unmarried Dogs need to have better communications with their lovers. Be patient and give concession to their partners and must control their temper. Harmony is best medication. Dogs like to stay alone and neglect their companions. Single Dogs has no better opportunities to meet their other sides but need to wait for chances.

Health: “Da Sha” is a disaster star. Dogs will easily get sick and must be careful of “sickness is coming from mouth”. Dogs need to take care of their gastrointestinal disease and diet issues. In the year of Tiger, Dogs will experience wounds by sharp objects and traffic accidents. Dog drivers must pay attention to road safety and careful driving. “Fei Lei” is a star that causes Dogs hurt by rumours and bring Dogs great stress. “Fei Lei” always causes yin factors and Dogs will suffer some meaningless things and unexpected monetary expenses.


1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 2019

Pigs is combining to “Tai Sui”, combination is harmony with love. Pig people will have chance being approached by other companies and obtain a better opportunity. “Tian Tack and Fu Xing” are in place and supported, there will be more celebrations. “Ba Zuo” auspicious star can solve difficulties and turn negative to positive. Another auspicious star “Lu Xun” can benefit Pigs’ career fate, relationship and reputation, especially those are still in study or examination or promotion and also benefit those civilians for examinations and promotion.

Fortune: In combination with “Tai Sui”, “Tian Tack and Lu Xuan” dominate fortune and proper income which will be increased. “Tian Tack” is a star only for proper fortune and only assists those who develop and seek for proper income. Then income will be significantly increased. For those who want to gamble, this star will not play its role. There is still some small negative for the star combination, there is concern inside the happiness. There is also modifications and changes. Whenever for investment, Pigs must stay firm and do not put big investment, so to avoid big losses.

Career: There are auspicious star which can resolve all negatives and good allies are in place to support Pig people. Pigs’ career will be shining, working Pigs can have good achievements, smooth career, admired by seniors, bosses and increase job popularity and full of chances. “Juan She, Jiao shal”, these two negative stars are in place, Pigs will easily have quarrels with others and people relationship will be fading down and cause job development being down. Therefore, Pigs should not pop-out obviously and cause other people’s jealousy. As long as Pigs can be concessive, the auspicious stars will assist and reduce all impacts.

Romance and Relationships: Romantic fate is only normal and variant and need to be tested and be careful of third party’s existence. Unmarried Pigs will have chances to meet their expected partners, but there are hidden changes and easily get hurt. The romance comes quick and be gone quick, like clouds in the sky. Married pigs will come across tension with their partners or spouses, so Pigs must be patient and understandable. They should avoid romantic impacts and hurt their families. At the meantime, Pigs also need to pay attention to their other halves’ health.

Health: health’s index is fluctuated and there might be some small issues, such as, getting cold and flu and skin inflammation. However, small sickness is blessing. Pig people need to pay attention to road safety, driving safety and do not take high risk exercise, so to avoid impact and getting hurt. It is suggested to carry teeth cleansing hygiene, or blood donation in early of the year. This practice will lower bleeding issues. Pigs also need to pay more attention to elderly at home and not appropriate to visit sick people in hospital or funeral.


1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008 2020

No auspicious star shining, Rats cannot enjoy the same favourable fate as last year. This is a year for Rat people to hide themselves, wait for next year, rest well and work calmly, do not seek for harvest and overcome difficulties. It is not appropriate to change new job this year. Without auspicious star’s support, it doesn’t mean Rats have no good luck, on the contrary, it is a year for Rats to challenge themselves. It is better not to ask others’ support, but better to self-explore their fate, dominate and create their own fate. No matter any jobs or investments, Rats must work hard themselves, ideal rewards will soon be opted out.

Fortune: There is no auspicious star’s support and lacking movement from the supportive star, whenever managing finance, Rats must be cautious and stay firm, step by step and no hurry, especially in the area of investment. It is not appropriate to invest in high risk and big ticket buying and selling. There is sudden expenditure causing Rat people become stranded. Therefore, Rats should live within their means and keep proper reserve for unexpected expenses. Merchant Rats will face obstacles, so they should not increase their investments. They should not easily trust other’s suggestions, so to avoid loss.

Career: Rats need to do everything by themselves and do not rely on others, all jobs must carry step by step, so there will be hope for harvest. Rats must work hard for all rewards. Fortunately, “Jian Xing, San Tai and Tang Fu” from the opposite side can still shine on Rats and tune up Rats’ career. The energy of these three auspicious stars can support Rats’ career onward to stability. It is wise for Rats to take some suitable subjects to study to increase their own value, march on, build up their own reality and explore for further developments.

Romance and relationship: There is no movement driven by romantic star, single Rats’ romances are not ideal, even though they meet with their expected lovers, developments will be slow. Single Rats should concentrate on their career development for reality. Unmarried Rats will come across with hidden tides, therefore, they should mutually understand and love each other. Married Rats, due to concentrating on their job, they neglect their partners and are complained by their partners. Rats need to balance both sides and look for shared time to make a short trip with their partners and secure their mutual feeling.

Health: “Tian Gou, DiaoKe and Yang Ren”fierce stars are in place. There will be minor accidents during travelling. Rats need to take extra care of all their travel documents, visas and customs regulations. There is symptom of bleeding. Rats must pay special attention for all traffic accidents, surgical operations, gastrointestinal diseases and their digestive system. It is wise to carry out a colonoscopy test. Daily diets must be in good time. Whenever Rats’ stomach is feeling uncomfortable, they must seek medical advice as soon as possible. Female Rats need to prevent Ecuador or possible mis-carriage and care for elderly at home. It is not appropriate to visit sick people or attend funerals, to reduce the possible unfavourable impact.


1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009 2021

Oxen have no auspicious stars shining. There is only one “Hong Luen” is in place. It is a proper romantic star and can drive up love-affairs and popularity. It is a good year to tie up their knobs. Besides, this star, there is also another star for relationship which can support Oxen’s human development and being loved, admired by friends, seniors and customers. If Oxen are in the front line, job development will be especially smooth this year.

Fortune: Oxen were offending “Tai Sui” last year and came across with different hindrances and income, which made Oxen feeling stressed. Stepping into the year of Tiger, though is no any auspicious star, income is still stable. Oxen, managing their finance this year, must be cautious. Any risks, gambling, short term investment should not touch, so to avoid loss. It is not good to be guarantors this year, otherwise there might come across court affairs. There are unexpected expenditures for Rats this year.

Career: With the support of “Hong Luen”, Oxen’s people relationship is escalated which can benefit their career development. In principle, Oxen’s job is smooth. For those servicing in the front line, their popularity is escalated and there is good social net-work relationship. Oxen can obtain great expansion. However, new job environment brings Oxen stress. “Mo Yue” brings Oxen new mission and new job development procedure, Oxen need to explore and fit into the new job environment and peacefully settling down.

Romance: “Hong Luen” is in place, dominates celebration and leads Oxen on an abundant romantic path. Single Oxen easily meet their opposite partner or through recommendation by seniors. Married Oxen’s romance is splendid and romantic. With the influence of “Gua Su”, Oxen have the possibilities to be transferred to another location leading to less time with their lovers and cause Oxen feeling lonely.

Health: Health is not favourable due to “Bing Fu, Mo Yue and Gua Su” are in place. They will be bothered by some minor sickness. This affects Oxen’s emotion. Although it is said minor sickness may not be bad thing, Oxen still need to pay attention of their health. Whenever, feeling unwell, Oxen need to seek for immediate medical advice. It is not suggested for Oxen to visit patients in Hospital or attend funeral, so to reduce unnecessary impacts. Oxen are emotional and unbalanced in the year of Tiger and feel lonelier. Therefore, Oxen need to participate in more social activities to balance their emotions.

Final Note: Dr. Edward Tsang (Master Jin Yan) is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist.

He is very skilled in Chinese metaphysics, including life predictions, palm reading, face reading and Feng Shui, honed from many years of practical experience, and his predictions are highly regarded, detailed and accurate.

Dr. Tsang was previously a lecturer on Feng Shui at the Victoria University.

His predictions and writings can be viewed at

Enquiries for personal/business consultation can be made at 0400 878 618.

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