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Chinese Animal Zodiac Predictions for the Year of the Rabbit 2023

Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist) Editor: Edmund Chin

A few words from Master Jinyan. Another new lunar year will soon begin and I would like to wish all my passionate readers an early happy, prosperous and healthy New Year of the Rabbit. These predictions for the year of the Rabbit are of a general nature only and I would like to remind readers that each person within the same animal zodiac sign is inevitably different. Therefore, each person’s fortune will differ and this prediction presented is for research only.

The Rabbit Lunar New Year will be on 22nd January 2023. However, the first day of Spring for the year of Rabbit will commence at 10:47 of 4th February 2023. A child born from this date onward will be considered to be born in the year of the Rabbit. The Rooster is clashing “Tai Sui” this year and should encounter the effect by offering fruits, vegetarian dishes and incense to the “Tai Sui” and asking for pardon by facing the sky.

Those born in the year of Rabbit, or Horse, Rat and Dragon will be also offending “Tai Sui”, and have similarly a year full of turmoil. So, they should also use the aforementioned methods of asking for pardon.


1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011 2023

Rabbit is offending “Tai Sui”, there will be variety and changes for their fortune, career or romance this year. Offending “Tai Sui” is not serious, with only a minor impact.

“Sui Jia, Academy, General and Yutang” auspicious stars bring Rabbits positive energy and personnel charm phoebe. There is progress of career and job development for Rabbit this year, especially benefit for those rabbits working in government officials, civilian and military officials. Rabbits, who are commercial and strategist decision leaders can escalate their prestige. Rabbits can also work harmony with their senior and staff. Salared Rabbits’ job performance will be admired. There is opportunity for promotion and salary increase. “Sui Jia” relates to automobiles and shows an ambition to purchase or change to a new car or high extra expenditure in relation to cars.

Fortune: proper income is still stable. Due to offending to “Tai Sui”, there will be a variety of changes. Therefore, managing finance must be cautious, step by step, should not be too hasty, especially not to commit big deal investments. There might be some extra expenditure leading Rabbits hard to face the risks. Therefore, Rabbits must live within their means and prepare good reserve for emergency demands. Rabbit merchants will face the possibility of hindrance and should not trust others to avoid money lose.

Career: Rabbits are full of energy and the star of Academy is positive. Clerical worker whose thinking and creation are surging, admiring and power can be expanded. This star can benefit Rabbits to be recognised in their workplace by their boss and subordinates. Entrepreneurs have unlimited business opportunities and new ideas lifting up their turnover. Rabbits are suggested to concentrate within their own setting and do not interfere into others’ disputes.

Health: Offending of “Tai Sui”, Rabbits’ health is easily impacted. They will experience bleeding and surgery due to injury by metal objects. Specifically Rabbit motorists or workers with mechanical and sharp objects need to be cautious. It is suggested that Rabbits undergo dental cleanup or blood donation. Early preventative medical check up is wise. For Rabbits lacking exercise, they need to change their habits and take up more exercise to improve their health. At the meantime, Rabbits need also to pay more attention to their family members’ health.

Romance and relationship: Due to offending of “Tai Sui”, Rabbits’ emotion is not stable and always changing and easily pessimistic. In addition, Rabbits’ love affairs are conservative. Affected by their character, Rabbits always stay back and are not brave enough to approach their love opportunities in front of them. Rabbits should break this hindrance and change their conservative manner for their decision of marriages. It is wise for Rabbits to participate in happy events to experience and lower their unstable emotion.


1928 1940 1952 1964 1976 1988 2000 2012

Dragons are offending “Tai Sui” this year. There will be some unfavourable hindrances or troubles. Fortunately, there is a strong auspicious star “Tai Yeung” and “Tian Kong” guarding and lighting Dragons, which can reduce the hindrance. “Tai Yeung” is an auspicious star for male Dragons, representing brightness, motivation and vibrant. Male bosses, seniors, customers and business partners are Dragons’ strong supporters. “Tian Kong” reflects unlimited infinitives and concealing unreality, therefore, Dragons should step firmly and don’t be too fanciful and face reality.

Fortune: With the strong support of auspicious stars, Dragons’ income is stable. Finance is based on normal proper income. Fortune needs motivations which can generate money. The star “Tian Kong” dominates unreality and losing money. Dragons need to be cautious for negative inside of positive and bad debts might be occurred. Therefore, Dragons need to raise their precaution and prevent their business and jobs being taken away. Investment in finance or stock market will not be appropriate for Dragon this year. Only proper investment in real property can be secured.

Career: Male allies can support Dragons’ career fate. Dragons targeting business for male customers, sales and performance can develop smoothly and also expand to overseas markets. It is also a good year for changing job. Self-employed can also be handy for achievement. Dragons need to take the opportunity to improve relationship with bosses, staffs and subordinates. Dragons are suggested to be cautious for their daily speech and common friendship and to avoid social network being impacted.

Health: No major issues. There will be some minor sickness issues, such as digestive issues, intestinal sickness, sensitive intestine, diarrhoea, insomnia and muscle pain. Heavy workload brings Rabbits’ unfavourable quality of sleep. The negative stars “Liu Hai, Mai Qi and Ban An” can affect Rabbits’ emotion. Rabbits must be self-control, calm, don’t let those small issues stirred up the thousand waves in the calm seas. “Liu Hai” represents disharmony for family members, Rabbits must be calm and patient. Peace and calmness is mandatory.

Romance and Relationship :auspicious star is shinning Dragon and chance for overseas love affairs. Dragons are expecting to meet their opposite partners during their travelling trips, especially single Dragon females are particularly attractive and easily to meet their ideal pursuers. Married dragons need to carry better communications with their lovers or partners, have a mind of forgiveness, consideration, adopt peaceful dialects, good manners and control their temper. Short term separation due to busy business or immigration business is not bad for their love relationship.


1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013

Star of “Yi Ma” shinning, representing movement and changing. More activities can bring Snakes fortune and promotion. Another auspicious star “Tian Yi” is in place, which can bring Snakes to explore and benefit their social net-work, social relationship, expansion and obtaining supports from different directions. Snakes need to grasp this opportunity to march onward. There will be more chances for overseas business to express their talent.

Fortune: It is beneficial for proper finance and income. The harder Snakes work, the more they can gain. Motivation and activities are Snakes’ opportunities this year. Overseas development, expansion, properties, currencies and shares can be expected to increase. It is good time to develop real properties overseas, but not gambling. It is not appropriate for joint-venture investments. So as to avoid losses, Snakes also need caution for signing all legal documents to avoid unnecessary loss.

Career: Star “Yi Ma” is in place, a year of more activities and changes for love affairs, career and residence. Changes may not be a negative thing, as long as Snakes can grasp their initiative, seeking for changes, such as changing jobs, marriages, new-birth members and relocation of estates. All these belong of changes to against disasters. It is also benefit for self-employers this year. This is a year for developing strategies.

Health: Impacted by “Yi Ma”, which stirs up “Sang men, De Sha, Posui” negative stars, Snakes should not visit sick people in hospital or attend funerals, so avoid committing mourning and filial piety. Snakes also need to look after their elderly at home and seek medical advice and prevent accidents. Snakes will be busy in the year of Rabbit and this causes them to be tired and exhausted.

Romance and Relationship: With the influence of “Yi Ma”, unmarried Snakes can have the opportunities to develop their love affairs in separate regions, and meet their expected partners during their overseas travel, in the circle of friendship or opposite partners returning from overseas. Impacted by the star of “Gu Shen”, Snakes’ love affairs is not abundant and also due to the busy workload, there is loneliness feeling for male Snakes who need to adjust the state of their mind.


1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 2014

Horses are offending to “Tai Sui”, sign of trouble and hindrance. Emotion is affected. It is suggested to ask pardon and offering fruits, vegetarian dishes and incense to the “Tai Sui” by facing the sky. The auspicious stars “Tian xi and Tai Yi” shinning, Horses will have a smooth and prosperous year. “Tai Yi” is female auspicious, Horses will obtain female bosses’ or Seniors’ admiration and promotion. Job fate can be escalated and easily rewarded. This star is also representing women in power and acquiring better development than male horses. “TianXi” belongs to proper popularity. Allies and both auspicious stars assist Horses’ benefit for the year of Rabbit.

Fortune: Good development of fortune this year, proper income will be abundant, especially those whose business is focusing for ladies’ consumes and easily obtaining profit. “Tai Yin” dominates fortune, though this star generates wealth slowly, fortune will flow in like river stream. Therefore development is not appropriate in a hurry, hurry will ruin Horses’ fortune, so Horses need step by step, then a reasonable good harvest will be expecting. Stars “ Gou Shen and Guan Suo” relating to money rush and transition of debts. Therefore, when signing contracts, Horses must thoroughly read all details before signature and do not neglect all small issues, otherwise Horses might face lose.

Career: Focusing business on female customers, Horses’ job career and income will be reasonable. Though career is reasonable, Horses are offending “Tai Sui”, there will have some slight negative impact, so Horses need to be cautious and do not expose too much and be careful of villain’s cold arrow. Horses need to pay more attention to internal personnel disputes inside of the company. Keep distance from others and prevent arguments. Remember exaggerated speech will cause loss. Silence is golden.

Health: There will be no major issues. Just need to be careful of daily diets, otherwise, horses are easy suffering intestine and stomach sickness, digestive system problem leading uncomfortable feeling. The negative stars “Gou Shen and Guan Suo” create troubles, frustration and emotional issues. Horses are suggested to partake more outdoor exercises or travelling or participate at happy gathering and events. These positive activities can reduce Horses unfavourable emotion. It is not wise to visit sick people in hospital, so to avoid possible filial piety.

Romance and Relationship: Single male horses are easily obtaining their love affairs. Whenever Horses meet their expected partners, they need actively to approach them. Horses will also have the chance to meet mature ladies. Single female horses are not that lucky. Emotional trouble holds them back from approaching their other partners. Suggest that single female horses not start new friendships. Stay calm and wait for better opportunities. Married Horses need to prevent romantic affairs and exercise self-control, otherwise, there will be family strife.


1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 2015

Auspicious stars “Tian Jie, San Tai, Tang Fu and Huagai” are in place, these stars can elevate Goats’ fate. “Tian Jie”, is a star with strong power to dissolve negative qi, hindrances and problems. “Tang Fu” is a commander and distributes military command, elevate power, reputation, prestige and lead up colleagues marching forward. This is a year for Goats to explore and create good achievement. “San Tai”, a symbol of smooth promotion and raising Goats’ career, a year of good harvest for Goat people.

Fortune: In the year of Rabbit, there is no wealth star in place, but negative stars “Wu Gui and Guan Fu”, Goats will have a reasonable salary increment, however, proper income has a sign of “gain and loss”. “Wu Gui” represents money comes and goes quickly. Goats will easily face bankruptcy and errors in incoming and expenses. It is not wise for Goats to be guarantor. There is huge and high risk investment this year. Goats should keep reasonable reserves for necessary unexpected expenditure.

Career: Derived by the stars “Wu Gui and Fu Chen”, Goats’ emotion are fluctuated. Suspicious and bias and like to listen to the negative messages. These will affect Goats’ decision of strategies. “Hai Gai” can also elevate Goats’ talent, but also impacted by love affairs and thinking. Goats should always remind to forgiving others and do not drill into the bottom of horns, move sorrow to create and stimulate self-motivation.

Health: Health will be normal with no major issues. Appropriate healthy diet is strongly suggested, as Goats easily suffer stomach and intestine sickness, digestive system issues and leading uncomfortable feeling. “Wu Gui” is not benefit to interpersonal and personnel relationships. A sign of dispute and be caution of speech errors. “Fu Shen” is relating to water activities, Goats must pay more attention, to water safety and prevent water risks.

Romance and Relationship: “Huagai” is in place, the star is self-admiration and has a tendency of being self-haughty. Single Goats have the chance easily meeting their expected partners. But due to being impacted by self-haughty factor means they easily miss the opportunity to meet their love affairs. Goats are pessimist this year, in addition to this star which dominates loneliness, Goats like to enjoy living alone and thus neglect their companion. Married Goats should not bring emotional issues back home and create a cold-war with lovers. Goats need to have more communication with their families, so to avoid family conflicts.


1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016

Clashing Tai Sui last year, Monkeys experienced an unstable year and these negative events were over. Auspicious stars “Yuet Tack, Kwok Yin, Di Jie” are shinning, Monkeys’ fate is turning to a good year, career development popping up and obtaining good harvest. “Yuet Tack” is a mercy star, representing good sign and assistance from females and also turning negative to positive. “Kwok Yin” dominates authority, Monkeys’ career will be promoted and marching upward and salary increment. “Di Jie” has the power to assist negative qi and resolve all kinds of problems and frustrations.

Fortune:“Kwok Yin and Yuet Tack” are in place, symbol of reasonable salary increment, good harvest of proper income year. Whenever seeing “Yuet Tack”, “Xiao Hao” will follow, which indicates easily losing small sum of money and unexpected expenditures. This is not a good year for Monkeys to be involved with short term investment or looking for quick money, otherwise, fortune will be affected and damaged. Besides, Monkeys need to prevent theft and be careful signing contracts, receiving fines or court affair else easier to lose money.

Career: Career changes or changing working department and promotion. All these changes can bring Monkeys better opportunities. Administration staffs or leadership, their talent are admired and recognised. Merchants can expand their business and customer numbers. The fate of popularity is also escalated and also ability to obtain bosses and seniors’ assistance.

Health: No major issues. Negative stars “Si Fu, Xiao Hao and Jie Sha” are gathering. Monkeys should not be neglected. Small sickness may not be bad thing. Prevent innocent disaster. Must pay attention to daily diet and be cautious of epidemic and reduce social feasts, so to lower health index climbing up and causing long term sickness. There might be some sudden sickness. Whenever there is sign of discomfort, seek medical advice and beware of work injuries and traffic accidents. It is not wise to visit sick people in hospital or attend funeral this year.

Romance and Relationship: No particular surprise for Monkeys’ romantic feeling. This is not a romantic year for Monkeys. Unmarried Monkeys are more interested for food culture category and not keen for their romances this year, so Monkeys need to stay calm for better observation and wait for opportunity. “Yuet Tack” is in place, there will be chance of romantic affairs arranged by their seniors and finally knob their ties. Due to concentrating in developing their career, Married Monkeys are neglecting their lives of romance and easily quarrel with their partners, so must be patient. It is suggested that Monkeys should take some time to carry out short trips with their companions and give them a surprise.


1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 2017

Rooster is clashing Tai Sui this year and lacking of auspicious stars to support, fate will be inevitable up and down. It is suggested that Roosters should stay back and calm and less movement. After Chinese Lunar New Year, Roosters should encounter the effect by offering fruits, vegetarian dishes and incense to the “Tai Sui” and asking for pardon by facing the sky. It is suggested that Monkeys should carry out cleansing teeth or donate blood in early year of Tiger, so to reduce bleeding. Suggest Roosters conduct more happy events to reduce impacts. Roosters should not be discouraged, be optimist to face reality and prevent negative issues and wait for good opportunity.

Fortune: There is symbol of unstable fortune. Roosters are easily bankrupt this year, because destructive stars “Sui Po, Lan Gan, Da Hao and Jie Sha” are in place, which will deprive Rooster’s fate of fortune, hindrance and expenditure. When administrating finance and money settlement, Rooster must be cautious, as there might be some idiopathic expenditure leading them out of control. Roosters also need to prepare some reserve for sudden cash flow, so to avoid money shortage. It is not wise to gamble this year, otherwise Monkeys will loose their money.

Career: Career development is unstable and lacking direction. It is a motto for Roosters to take domination and don’t just stay firm without action. Career development is tight, busy and pressure. “Lan Gan” is in place, there will be hindrance, frustration and difficulties. Roosters need to check all documents carefully to avoid mistakes. Pressure will be high for Roosters this year. They need special patience, don’t be impulsive. Roosters have a mind to change job this year.

Health: “Lan Gan” is in place, represents thinking and actions will be restricted. Emotion is anxious and unstable. Because everything is unhappy, Roosters are facing pessimist and unstable emotion. At the meantime, Roosters need to aware there might be possible of prison or admitting to hospital. “Da Hao” can cause Roosters’ unfavourable, Roosters need to self-improvement, overcome all hindrance and keep themselves healthy, relaxation is important and a must.

Romance and Relationship: On the path of romance, love fate is up and down. All these belong to an artefacts and easy go over. Couples and lovers will be less gathering and more separation this year. Couples’ impacts will be more frequent and dispute, so Rooster need to control their emotion and think more about their other halves, mutual care to improve their relationship. Married male Roosters easily come across with females and create false feeling, they must elevate their sensations, so to avoid illusory love.


1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 2018

The combination of earth and Mao Wood, “Tai Sui” this year, Dogs are shone and governed by “Tai Sui”. The fate of Dog people will be absolutely smooth in this year of Rabbit. Auspicious stars “Zi Wei and Long Tack” are in place, good allies are shining, Dogs’ career will definitely be elevated, good job, good fortune and harvest wherever they prefer. Dogs’ fate as good as sun in the sky. Fate index is popping up, career and reputation are all in hand. It is a good year for Dog people to obtain their good will and promotion. Whenever there is any hindrance, Dogs can easily march onward without difficulties.

Fortune: Though it is a favourable year, Dogs need to prevent the unstable factor. Combination with “Tai Sui”, indicates there is a sign that fortune might be grasped away by others. Negative star “Bao Bai’ is in place. Dogs need to be aware of negative inside of positive. Fortune can be gained and lost easily and there is frustration within the smooth sign. Don’t be keen for investment this year, so to avoid possible loss. Don’t be guarantor and lend money to others. Although working class Dogs has ambition to develop their career, Dogs need to watch their own ability. Don’t go into debt for developing and running business.

Career: “Zi Wei and Long Tack” are shining, supported by auspicious stars. Working classes or merchants whose strategies can be elevated. March on smoothly and career development is glorious and obtaining good applause. However, Dogs need to be aware of competitors whose cold hand at back and always keep a humble attitude to face all situations. Even though it is a good year, Dogs still need to keep low profile and prevent the negative inside of positive, as nothing can be perfect. Dogs at the meantime pay more attention on all aspects. It is not a good year and don't neglect others.

Health: Smooth, healthy and cheerful year. No major issues, there might be some small sickness, as long as care is encountered, Dog people will stay firm. “Tian E” is in place, it is not good for long trip travelling. Travelling outside might face some small accident. Luckily, protected by auspicious star, it will be only a false alarm. Whenever travelling, Dogs must check all related documents, money and belongings. It is not wise for high risk activities; otherwise, accident might arise and happiness turns to pessimism.

Romance and Relationship: Dogs’ social life is glorious, busy and exposed to social networking. Love affairs are like fish in abundant water and it is easy to meet their expected partners. Unmarried Dogs will expected to tie the knot this year. Married Dogs’ are romantic. If going to travelling, it will add up their bonus and create more romantic harmony. Married male Dogs have good personal popularity and can attract opposite genders and need self control. Don’t sink down to those fake romances and beware of scandal affairs that might happen.


1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 2019

A star “Tian Chu” is in place, and with no other auspicious star, Pigs’ fate is obliviously sliding down and leading Pigs’ depression. Fortunately, Pigs combining with “Tai Sui” this year, which can lower and reduce Pigs’ negative impacts and stabilising Pigs’ energy. “Tian Chu” is a star that dominates diet, so can lift up Pigs’ interests of diet. Pig people will have lots of feasts and desire to cook by themselves and entertain guests.

Fortune: Not optimistic. Proper income is not stable. Pigs have difficulty organising their daily financial arrangements. In order to avoid self finance stress, Pigs need to plan well for their expenditures, so to avoid falling into economic distress. Don’t borrow money from other people and do not be guarantor. For all related to monetary exchange, Pigs must be careful. Avoid opportunistic speculative investment and gambling. Be of peaceful mind and manner to perform daily affairs. As “Bai Hu” is in place, Pigs need to guard their own finance and not allow it be progress to bankruptcy.

Career: Job career is facing hidden waves and easily quarrel with others and interpersonal relationship is tight and be careful disputes with bosses. Don’t be too aggressive which cause people’s jealousy. It is suggested that Pigs need to stay back, so reduce high impact. “Bai Hu and Zhi Bei” are destructive stars. These stars have the symbol of ruin, bully and troubles. Pigs are particularly against, bully and challenged by females this year.

Health: “Tian Chu” is in place, represents more feasts and social lives and easy to suffer gastrointestinal sickness. Therefore, Pigs need to control their diet, don’t excessive intake unhealthy food. “Dasha” is a negative star and leading Pigs suffer sickness, especially sickness is coming from the oral route. There will be more stomach and intestine sickness this year and food poisoning, so Pigs must not neglect and control their daily diet is a must.

Romance and Relationships: Romantic fate is not favourable and facing emotional stress and frustration. Getting along with other people, Pigs must be calm. Sincerity is motto for Pigs this year. Pigs will have quarrels with their other halves and love feeling easily out of track and mutual compromise is best cures. Pigs also need to control their temper and emotion. Pigs like to stay alone this year and neglect their companions. Single Pigs have no better chance to meet their expected companion and need patient to wait for better chance. Pigs need to care for their elderly’s health at home and spend more time with family members.


1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008 2020

This is a prosperous year for Rats. “Tian Tack, Hong Luen, Fu Xing and Lu Xu” are in place. These auspicious stars strongly support Rat people. As per Chinese Proverb: auspicious stars shinning, it can resolve, pacify and turn negative into positive. “Hong Luen” is in place, can generate and tune up romantic affairs and popularity. “Lu Xun” nominates reputation and profit. Therefore, it is a favourable year of Rats. However, due to offending “Tai Sui”, Rats still need caution and don’t expose too obvious and keep low profile, as negative issues might arise. It is suggested that Rat people should ask pardon from “Tai Sui”, method as mentioned above.

Fortune: Getting applause may not bring Rats good real income and benefit due to the lack of wealth star. This is not a good fortune year and no matter job development or investment, Rats must do it by themselves and work hard for reward. Offending “Tai Sui”, Rats are easily lose money to females. In the year of Rabbit, Rats’ expenditures are high and thus they need to stay firm and manage their finance carefully. In the second half of the year, situation can be improved.

Career: “Lu Xun” dominates reputation, examination and promotion. All these will be admired and rewarded. Though Rats stay in certain point and be promoted, they need work hard themselves for reasonable returns. The fate for Rats is favourable this year, but should not to expose too sharp. “Bai Hu and Zhi Bei” involve of disputes, Rats need to stay away from certain females who will cause Rats in certain difficult position. Rats also need to control their dialogues and don’t lose their manner. Everything should stay calm to avoid possible negatives arisen.

Health: Health is still normal. Due to abundant of Romance, Rats are inevitably participating in social networking. Excessive diet can cause Rats to suffer more gastrointestinal sickness. Therefore, Rats must be careful to avoid excessive feasts. Diarrhoea is major issue for Rats. There will be chance to be fearful during travel. Also pay more attention at home to elder-lies stomach and intestinal issue. Whenever there are health issues for the elderly, Rats must seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Romance and relationship: withthe positive assistance of “Hong Luen”, Rats’ social life is abundant and showing off in front of public. Romance is like fish in water, Rats can easily meet their expected partners. However, “Xian Chi and Tao Hua” dominate scandal affairs. Rats need to be cautious for all romantic appointments and control themselves, so to reduce all these possible impacts. Married Rats also need to control themselves and don’t involve all unnecessary romantic events.


1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009 2021

Oxen have no auspicious stars shining to guard themselves, Oxen can’t continue to extend their good fate from last year. This is a year that Oxen need to stay calm, patient and wait for better chance. Take good rest and stay firm to work in low profile and don’t ask for good harvest, overcome difficulties and wait for return. It is a year for Oxen to stay calm and select some course to study, self-preservation and reinforce own strength. At the meantime, it is a good way for Oxen to express self-potential and explore their onward path. It is not appropriate for Oxen to change job this year.

Fortune: Due to no auspicious stars shinning and wealth star doesn’t appear this year, this is a year of self-challenge and work hard for own. Lacking of assistance, Oxen need to rely on own ability and dominate and create their own fate. No matter working classes or investors, Oxen must do it themselves, then rewards may be harvested. All investments must be conservative, don’t look for quick returns, Oxen are easily falling into their own nest and distress this year.

Career: Just fair, no bigger development. Oxen need to utilise their talent and own knowledge to develop their own career. Create more new thinking, eventually Oxen will be recognized. Oxen need to build up their social net-work and relationship and don’t be arrogant and keep good harmony with colleagues. “Yuet Sha” is in place, there will be more disputes during Oxen’s working environment and be aware females’ intangible hindrance.

Health: Destructive stars “Tian Gou and Diao Ke” are in place, Oxen need to beware of operation, traffic accidents, work-injuries, hurt or bleeding and being frightening events might arise. It is not wise to visit patient, pay more attention to elderly at home and prevent filial piety. Aerial workers, security guards and policemen need to be careful of sudden scare matters arisen

Romance: Not ideal. Even though there is expected opposite gender, development is slow and can’t move forward. Oxen need actively to approach opposite and look for good opportunity. There are disputes for Married Oxen, so mutual respect, understanding and communications are important to link up good relationship. It is wise to make some trip to build up better romantic affairs. The lesser gathering, the lesser influenced by the negative “Gua Su”. Lesser gather can reduce disputes.


1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010 2022

Tiger people need to stay back and keep low profile this year, as there is no auspicious stars shinning and no supports. Tigers need to stay in a working hard position before possible rewards. Tigers are in a passive situation and must rely on self-expression, step by step marching on and their practical work, then rewards can be expected. Though no auspicious star shinning, Tigers need to optimistic facing reality, then expecting successes to come.

Fortune: With no auspicious and wealth stars, fate of wealth is not stable, income has a tendency of suspicious, hands being tied. Fortune income is easily leaking out and can’t accumulate. Therefore, it is not appropriate to expand their business market. All their business and financial strategies must be conservative. Tigers should stay back to the second line and stick on their own duty, reserve main strength and wait for better opportunity. Finance is unstable. Tigers need to observe the market carefully. Don’t rush on blind investment, otherwise loss will definitely inevitable.

Career: “Moyue” is in place, represents Tigers’ working pressure coming from new mission, new jobs, new challenges and environment. Tigers need time to explore their situation and thus settle down better. This reflects Tigers’ career and job development gradually progress into better areas. Tigers need to watch out for hidden battles, hurt and possible conflict with seniors, bosses. All Tigers’ dialogue must be cautious, so to avoid retaliation.

Health:“Bing Fu and Wand Shen” are in place. Fierce stars appear. Tigers must be aware of chronic sickness. Therefore, whenever there is symptom of sickness, immediately seek medical advice. It is not wise to visit sick people or attend funeral, so to reduce possible impacts. Due to the impact of “MoYue”, Tigers’ emotion is pessimistic and unstable. It is suggested that Tigers participate more happy gatherings or celebrations. This can generate positive energy and correct self demeanour and restore positive emotion.

Romance: Just fair and more variable. Tigers need to go through emotional tests. Be careful of the existing third parties. Tigers need more communication and connection to dissolve these impacts. Lacking in popularity, Tigers will face more stress because of unfamiliar environment and personnel. Be cautious of excessive speech to be lost. It is suggested that harmony is the best cure for Tigers. Unmarried Tigers have unchanged situation and it is not a good year for marriage.

Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

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