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Chinese Animal Zodiac Reading for the Year of Wood Dragon 2024

Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Chinese Herbalist & Acupuncturist)

Editor: Edmund Chin (B. Eng.)

The Lunar New Year is approaching, and it will begin on February 4, 2024, at 16:37 PM. This marks the start of the year of the Dragon, and from this time onwards, the child will be considered to be born in the year of the Dragon.

For those born in the years of the Dog, this year will be one of volatility and unrest as they will be “clashing with Tai Sui”. Dragons will also be offending Tai Sui. The effect can be lessened by asking for pardon from Tai Sui: “Lee Shing” and making an offering of fruit, vegetarian dishes, and incense. Those born in the year of Rabbit or Ox will be “opposing Tai Sui,” but the impact will not be significant. However, for peace of mind, it would be advisable to use the above-mentioned method in asking for pardon.

As each person having the same animal zodiac sign is inevitably an individual with differing birth dates and times, each person’s fortune will differ. Therefore, this reading is for leisurely reference only.


For Dragons, there are two stars “Sui Jia and Hua Gai” shining. Job and career development can be recognised and expanded. However, beware of being overconfident and offending others. The star of “Hua Gai” belongs to loneliness and self-admiration. These will affect Dragon’s personal relationships and make it easy to obtain criticism. “Sui Jia” has the intention to buy and expenditure of exchanging new automobiles.

Dragons will be offending Tai Sui, and it will be a stressful and highly challenging year. It will not be a smooth when executing strategies. It will also be a socially challenging year. You will experience mood swings and must remember to control these emotions to avoid unnecessary conflict. It is suggested that Dragons carry out more celebrations, which will reduce negativity. Hence, Dragons should find more excuses to ‘celebrate’ and alleviate some of the negative energy, such as attending birthday parties, weddings, purchasing property, and automobiles, etc.

There is no wealth star this year, so Dragons need to take a conservative approach in managing their wealth this year. The stars “Jian Feng, Tai Sui, San Xing, and Huang Fan” are present; Dragons need to take extra care with health and safety this year. There may be unexpected events, and you must watch out for injuries related to sharp and metal objects and transport-related injuries. Be vigilant in taking care of symptoms early and seek medical advice for even minor illnesses such as colds. You may also have digestive-related problems. Be alert and take special care of seniors’ health at home.

Dragons’ emotions and romance are pessimistic as “Hua Gai” dominates loneliness and reflects that Dragons prefer to stay alone and neglect their partners and family members. Dragons need to be patient with their companions, and harmony and peace are their mottoes. There is a chance for single Dragons to meet their opposites; unfortunately, it will be difficult to settle down with these people, just like flowers floating in the wind.


The stars "Tai Yang, Tian Xi, Wen Chang, and Tian Chu" are shining, indicating that the year of the Dragon will bring prosperity and positivism for those born under the Snake zodiac sign. The star "Tai Yang" is a powerful ally for males, symbolising masculinity, brightness, energy, and a positive mindset. This suggests that male relationships, such as male bosses, superiors, clients, or business partners, will be beneficial. It is expected to be a more favourable year for males. Females, on the other hand, may experience some disputes and should exercise caution with male superiors.

The star "Yu Tang" is shining, indicating a year of positive fortune and generous rewards. The star "Tian Xi" will bring smoothness and advancement in job development, earning the admiration of seniors and bosses. Snakes should seize this opportunity for personal growth. This year is auspicious for purchasing properties, getting married, and expanding one's family. The star "Wen Chang" will assist in gaining popularity and establishing social connections.

The star "Tian Chu" represents entertainment and the food industry. However, it is advised to avoid excessive indulgence in diets and drinking to prevent any potential disasters.

The star "Mai Qi" may bring about some unhappy events for Snakes. The star "Gu Chen" signifies loneliness, which can affect one's emotions and lead to neglect of companions, partners, friends, and even separation from family. Married Snakes may experience disharmony with their partners, leading to conflicts. The star "Jie Sha" represents theft, so Snakes should be cautious with their finances. Overall, health is expected to be normal, but minor illnesses may be seen as a blessing in disguise.


Chinese zodiac Horses are predicted to have a mediocre year. There is only one star of “Tian Jie” and no auspicious star to support and guard Horses. Their fate is stable, fair, and they stand in a more passive situation. Horses should hold back and be calm, even though there might be some unfavourable issues. They need to be optimistic and brave to face reality. It is not suggested to visit sick people in the hospital to avoid negative qi and emotion. Instead, try to participate in more celebrations, birthday parties, and other positive environments that can elevate horses’ emotions and derive positive energy.

This year will improve for Horses as they will have excellent performance in their career or studies, which will be duly recognised. Public relationships will repeatedly change, causing horses’ emotions to fluctuate. Therefore, whenever settling personnel problems, it is suggested that they stay calm and think over before making any action to avoid self-emotion.

Fortunately, “Tian Jie” is an auspicious star that can solve difficulties and hindrances. Horses need to stand firmly and face challenges; they will overcome all these issues peacefully. Fate will improve in the second half of the year.

The stars “Sang Men, Zai Jie, Xie Ren, and Fu Shen” shine over Horses. This is a sign that they will easily bleed and have accidents. Avoid high-risk activities that can result in accidents as there is a high possibility of serious injuries. It is suggested not to visit sick patients in hospital and pay more care to seniors at home.

It will be an affluent year for the Horse, but they must take a conservative strategy, avoid large investments, and must not be a guarantor for others’ loans. It is also not an appropriate year for horses to marry. Horses should stay calm and look for better opportunities.


According to the Chinese zodiac, Goats are predicted to have a year of good fortune. Auspicious stars “Tian Yi and Tai Yin” are in place, and these stars are good allies that can solve disasters and turn negative situations into positive ones. “Tai Yin” is associated with feminine energy and will be particularly beneficial for female Goats, assisting them in their career and daily lives.

Although male goats can also obtain this yin star’s assistance and be promoted by female bosses or seniors, female goats are expected to have a more remarkable chance of promotions.

Although there will be good incoming fortune this year, wealth will arrive slowly. Therefore, it is not appropriate to invest in short-term money; otherwise, there will be increased chance of losing money. Be alert to unrealistic romance. Whenever cooperating with the opposite gender, one must be cautious to avoid unnecessary loss due to disloyalty.

In the year of Dragon, “Guan Suo, Gou Shen and Tian Sha” are in place. These are stars of disturbance and disputes that reflect certain events that can cause resistance, causing strategic planning failure. Therefore, Goats should not excessively stand out and be aware of backstabbing. Be careful of company internal personnel disputes. Remember silence is gold and silence is the best resolution. Practice cautious financial management as money comes and goes; one gains to compensate for one loss. As per monetary and debts settlement, it must be written in black and white to avoid financial loss. Unmarried Goats need to actively approach their opposites. Married Goats need to prevent unrealistic romance from causing family troubles.


Monkeys will have a prosperous and fortunate year with the support of “Tai Sui”. This is a great opportunity to extend personal achievements. The star “San Tai” is shining, and Monkeys’ personal relationships will be harmonious. It will be a year of positive outcomes for tests, examinations, promotions, elections, and competitions. Monkeys need to actively grasp these opportunities. “San Tai” is particularly good fortune for those working in government or politics, and it is a constructive year to execute their strategies and benefit from those government officers, which can elevate their power and reputation. Those who are in official civilian positions will have their strategies and plans recognised. Therefore, they need to grasp this good opportunity and promote themselves. This is a wealthy and self-developed year for Monkeys.

The fate of romance and emotion is stable. Single Monkeys need to pay more attention within their job scope. Whenever they come across their expected opposites, they should actively approach them. “Wu Gui, Di Sha, and Guan Fu” are in place, representing disputes, arguments, and court affairs. Be careful not to be impatient or have someone stab you in the back. Prevent money loss and deception by carefully studying all contracts before signature.

“Guan Fu” is a star of dispute and court affairs. Minor disputes may result in fines, while major disputes may lead to criminal law disasters. Monkeys need to remind themselves that these events may happen. “Wu Gui” is a sign of movement wealth, emotions, and suspicion. These may cause Monkeys to face negative information that affects their strategic decisions.


Roosters experienced the impact of “Tai Sui” last year, but this year, there are auspicious stars “Tang Fu, Yuet Tack, and Di Jie” in place. Roosters’ fate is favourable, and career development is smooth. “Yuet Tack” is an auspicious star full of kindness, love, and a sign of opportunities coming from feminine energy. “Tang Fu” is a military commander in charge of the armed forces, especially benefiting those who are serving in discipline, law enforcement, troops, and can elevate their power, reputation, and leadership skills.

Whenever “Yuet Tack” is in place, “Siu Hao” will come across. It dominates losing money and unexpected expenditures. Therefore, it is suggested that Roosters buy some loss making items for their happiness. Besides, Roosters also need to be alert to possible theft and during signing contracts. “Si Fu and Jie Sha” can lead Roosters easily to come across accidents. Fortunately, with “Di Jie” present, it can turn the negative to positive. “Xian Chi and Tao Hua” are abundant. Unmarried Roosters have the chance to meet their other half. Married Roosters need to behave well to avoid unnecessary romances.

There might be some sudden diseases that are hard to prevent. Roosters need to carry out early medical check-ups and control their diet. They are easily susceptible to gastrointestinal diseases. “Si Fu” meets with “Yuet Tack and Siu Hao”, a sign of negative inside of positive and positive inside of negative. Roosters should not take it lightly and must be aware of sudden disasters and take more measures to look after their health and daily diets


In the year of the Dragon, Dogs are “clashing with the Tai Sui”, which means that this year will be one of change, volatility, and unrest. Dogs may feel that things are not going smoothly and may experience a sense of uneasiness. To lessen the effect, you should remain stable and patient during the year and wait for the storm to pass. Fortunately, an auspicious star called “Kwok Yin” is shining, which has the power to hold the chop and lift up your career with rapid progress. Work opportunities are popping up, and changing jobs or salary increments are expected.

Due to clashing with the Tai Sui, events may change repeatedly and become more intense. Dogs will face more hindrances, so it is suggested to carry out self-motivation. Less dialects and more performance should be your motto. You are suggested to be optimistic, humble, and preventive. There will be a turning point, and the negative year will soon be over, bringing brightness. Negative stars such as “Sui Po”, “Lan Gan”, and “Tai Hao” can lead to financial difficulties. Your fortune may be negatively impacted, so you should avoid gambling, financing, and be vigilant with transactions. Take a conservative and careful approach to investments.

“Lan Gan” is in place this year; job load is heavy and difficult with more hindrances, and emotions are not stable. These factors will affect Dogs’ job performance, and there are hidden tides. Due to heavy job load this year, you may easily conflict with your seniors or bosses. You are suggested to be patient and not be impulsive. There might be court cases, and activities may be restrained. Be careful of possibilities of imprisonment or admission to hospital.


Attention all Pigs! Get ready for an amazing year ahead! The stars are aligned in your favour, with three super auspicious stars shining down on you – “Zi Wei, Long Tack, and Hong Luen”. This means that you can expect a smooth and prosperous journey ahead, with plenty of opportunities for celebration, job promotions, and salary increments. Business owners can also look forward to expanding their ventures and increasing their profits.

The star of Hong Luen is particularly significant this year, as it can help boost your personal relationships and networks. If you're looking to tie the knot or start a family, this is the perfect time to do so. And for those who are already married, be prepared for some ups and downs in your romance. Don't let yourself get caught up in any emotional triangles - stay strong and focused.

Of course, there are always some challenges to be aware of. The stars of “Bao Bai, Tian E, and Wang Shen” may bring some unexpected crises your way, so be prepared for anything. There are always risks when travelling - from sudden crises to unexpected travel delays. Be aware of possible problems and take steps to avoid them, like postponing flights in case of bad weather. Stay healthy by eating right and getting rest, no matter what happens on your trip. And don’t forget to bring essential documents and medication with you. Enjoy your travels!

Overall, this is a year of great fortune and success for Pigs. So go out there and make the most of it!


The star "Jiang Xing" is in position; it rules power and authority and can launch Rats' careers and develop your skills this year. Rats can implement their tactics and decisions, thanks to the assistance of this lucky star. Rats form "Tai Sui" in the year of the dragon, which can enhance their stature and power and ensure that they have a successful and prosperous year. This star also denotes dignity, rules over income flowing from many directions, and enhances the fortune of pigs. Working classes can increase their influence, be recognised by superiors, and get staff assistance without much difficulty. Pigs who are merchants may also quickly acquire capital, partners, and new clients. You might think about changing for the better when there are favourable signs and a proper setting.

However, be cautious of the presence of "Bai Hu and Pi Tou". These stars may bring about accidents or the need for surgery. To mitigate these risks, consider donating blood or making charitable donations. These acts of kindness can help ward off disasters. And watch out for those villains who are just waiting for an opportunity to spread rumours and harm you. Small disputes may arise, but don't let them distract you from your path to success.

Lastly, take extra care of the health of your seniors at home. The presence of "Pi Tou" suggests that serious illnesses may affect your family. Stay vigilant and ensure their well-being.Embrace the power of the stars and make this year a truly remarkable one.


Oxen people are favoured by the auspicious stars “Tian Tack, Fu Xing, Ba Zuo, and Yu Tang”. Everything will go as expected this year, and everything will turn from bad into good. The assistance of auspicious allies is great. “Ba Zuo” guards Oxen, whose career and power can be greatly escalated, and they can march onto higher levels. This star reflects that your social position is moving upward, and your career and reputation will be well-known. “Tian Tack” can support your good luck to overcome everything. The star can also speed up and assist those who are students or need to sit professional exams for career advancement. Those in clerical professions will experience a good year.

Oxen are opposing “Tai Sui” this year, which may lead to some minor negative events. These are not significant, and you should not worry about them. You will still have good support from all around you, and hence these minor events will be addressed easily. You may ask for pardon from “Tai Sui” as described in the introduction to minimise the negative impact.

“Yu Tang” has the sign of jewellery and gold, and fortune will definitely increase. This is good fortune for Oxen who need to grasp these opportunities to carry out their business. No matter if you are an Oxen merchant or salary worker, you have to optimistically march onward properly in the right way; otherwise, you will suffer losses. Unmarried Oxen have the chance to meet their other halves. Married Oxen must take care of their companions to avoid emotional loss and beware of their health.

Although it is a favourable year for Oxen, “Juan She” will bring disputes or court affairs, which are inevitable. You will face interpersonal tension leading your public relationship downward. These factors can stir waves in calm seas and create rumours. Fortunately, there are auspicious stars shining; you need patience and a peaceful mind to settle conflicts with wisdom. As per health, there will be minor sicknesses such as getting colds or skin inflammation.


The Chinese zodiac sign of Tiger will experience a new environment and atmosphere in their family due to the presence of “Yi Ma and Lu Xun”. Changing jobs, personnel reorganisation, moving house, and renovation are some of the changes that Tigers will face in the year of the Dragon. Movement and changes may not be a bad thing as long as Tigers can dominate these changes proactively, update and change, and use joy to ward off disasters. “Lu Xun” can benefit proper finance and income. More work means more rewards for Tigers in the year of the Dragon.

At work, there may be some restructuring, you may change roles/departments or have a new employment opportunity. Your abilities will shine at work or at school. Your thinking and wit will be strong, and those in strategy-related jobs will be well recognised and have good interpersonal relationships.

Influenced by “Yi Ma”, unmarried Tigers have the chance to develop romance and love in other countries and meet their opposites during business trips or travelling. Therefore, Tigers can spare some time to plan a short trip with their partners to improve their romance. As per salary working class, if you want to reorganise your jobs or renew your strategies, this is a good year to finalise the whole plan.

The negative stars “Tian Gou, Tian Ku, and Diao Ke” are present. Tigers must be alert to prevent all these disasters, traffic accidents, and possible operations. There might be minor threats or accidents. It is not appropriate for Tigers to visit sick people and they need to take care of the elderly and be observant of their health at home. Seek medical advice even if it might be minor. Pay more attention to greeting seniors at home to avoid possibility of mourning. Romantic sensations between couples are fair; therefore, you need to pay more attention to your spouses and avoid disputes. Unmarried Tigers’ romantic matches are rare.


The Chinese zodiac sign of Rabbits are predicted to have a year of hard work and perseverance. There are no obvious auspicious stars shining and supporting you, so you will need to rely on your own efforts to achieve success. Rewards can be harvested after hard work. Rabbits are opposing “Tai Sui” this year, which may lead to some minor negative events. These are not significant, and you should not worry about them. You will still have good support from all around you, and hence these minor events will be addressed easily. You may ask for pardon from “Tai Sui” as described in the introduction to minimise the negative impact.

Financial luck is hindered, and money settlement is prone to errors. Romance and love affairs may not be perfect. Both married or unmarried Rabbits will experience more conflicts and arguments and may be easily prone to clutching. The workload is quite heavy this year and may lead to conflicts with seniors or bosses. “Mo Yue” is the star that can drive Rabbits towards new missions and challenges. Even though under a new environment, Rabbits need to search for directions, and settle down. Then their career and fate of job will gradually march on a better step.

“Liu Hai” and “Bing Fu” are in place. As per health, Rabbits need to prevent digestive system and gastrointestinal diseases to reduce their impacts. “Liu Hai” is a sign that reflects the disharmony between family relationships. Be careful of mistakes due to excessive dialogues. Rabbits’ emotions are more fluctuated and they may feel sad, cry, sentimental, helpless, or lonely easily. Therefore, it is advisable for Rabbits to encourage themselves to keep a low profile and patiently wait for the good opportunities.

Note: The author, Dr. Edward Tsang is a registered herbalist & acupuncturist in Melbourne. He is very experienced in the metaphysical arts of Feng Shui, Eight Pillars Life Predictions and Palmistry. Please feel free to browse his website at

Please note this "Year of the Dragon Animal Zodiac Prediction" article is for leisure use only. There are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration for a more accurate analysis, in which cannot be covered in this brief article. You may also be interested in other articles written by the author - " Year of the Dragon Predictions ".

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