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Jia Chen甲辰龍年Year of the Wood甲Dragon辰General Predictions for 2024

Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist) Editor: Edmund Chin

Readers, welcome to the Year of Dragon! We wish everyone a thriving and prosperous year ahead! Let's analyze the 2024 BaZi:

The Lunar New Year in 2024 will fall on 10th February, however the actual First day of Spring for the year of Dragon in 2024 will fall on 4th February at 16:37 pm (Gregorian Calendar). This means that Spring will arrive to be celebrated before the Chinese New Year 2024.The four pillars (bazi) of this date are Jia Chen 甲辰Year, Bing Yin 丙寅Month, Wu Xu 戊戍Day, and Geng Shen 庚申Hour. The four pillars are a way of expressing the energies of a specific date and time in terms of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The four pillars can then be used to analyse the years fortune.

According to Chinese astrology, the four pillars of destiny (Bazi) are based on the elements of earth, wood, fire, and metal. The First Day of Dragon belongs to Earth element, the other three pillars of month, year and time belong to Wood, Fire and Metal elements. The water element (wealth star) is obviously missing from the year Bazi, which means it may lack wealth, money, and career luck. In 2024, the earth element will be strong, but it will also face challenges from the Jia wood and Bing fire. The month pillar strongly supports to the First Day of Earth, and it is also sitting on the star of earth and increasing its earth element. However, Jia Wood from the year pillar invades the First Day of Earth. Although Ken metal can control Jia Wood, Bing Fire in return restrains Ken metal which is the source to produce water (wealth). This will make the year unstable, fluctuating, and difficult. How can wealth be obtained? To increase the wealth luck for the year, you need to balance the water element in the chart.

In 2024, the metal element will be weak and conflicted by the wood element. 3 pillars among 4 pillars are clashing each other. This means that there will be more tension and conflict between different countries and regions. For example, the United States may continue to use its power and influence to interfere with the affairs of other countries, especially in the East. However, the wood element also represents growth and change, which means that some countries may resist or challenge the US hegemony. The fire element will also be strong in 2024, which means that there will be more passion and emotion among people. This may lead to more protests and anti-government movements around the world. Therefore, 2024 will be a turbulent and unstable year for global politics and society.

In 2024, the earth element will be dominant and clash with the other elements. This means that globally there will be more stubbornness, conflict, and bias among people and countries. They will stick to their own views and theories, and hardly compromise with others. If America and China cannot control themselves and be patient, there might be a war crisis or misfire. The European countries will suffer from financial exhaustion and instability. They look strong on the outside but dry on the inside. The United States will try to ally with them to oppose China, but they will face resistance and failure because of the Strong wood element, which represents growth and change. There will also be more natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and droughts. The water element, which represents wealth and finance, will be damaged by the earth element. This means that there will be more water pollution, corruption, and stealing of water resources and money. Therefore, 2024 will be a challenging and dangerous year for global peace and prosperity. The year is full of contradictions.

In 2024, the fire and earth elements will be the most favorable and influential elements in the world. The fire element represents power, ambition, and leadership, while the earth element represents stability, security, and wealth. The countries in the world will align themselves with their own interests and values, and form their own alliances and blocs. The world will be divided into two major camps. The BRICS countries, which are Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, will have a strong momentum and continue to expand their membership. They will challenge the dominance and influence of the G7 countries, which are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The G7 countries will face more difficulties and decline in their membership.

In 2024, the fire and water elements will be in conflict and bring more violence, hegemony, ruthlessness, and troubles to the world. The fire element represents the internet information industry, which will face more chaos and misinformation. There will also be more fake news and messages sent incorrectly. The water element represents the transportation industry, which will face more accidents and disasters. The fire and water elements will also affect the health and well-being of people. The fire element will cause more cardiovascular diseases, irregular heart rhythms, eye diseases, ear diseases, and scandals. The water element will cause more kidney diseases, bladder diseases, liver diseases, skeletal diseases, and urinary system diseases. Therefore, 2024 will be a year of turmoil and crisis.

In 2024, the water element will be weak and unstable, which means that the wealth and finance sector will be unfavourable and risky. Investors should be careful and avoid industries that rely on water, such as transportation, aquatic products, finance, banking, hardware, wood, and paper. The earth element will also be strong and clash with the water element, which means that industries related to earth, such as native products, architecture, real estate, and tourism, will face challenges and difficulties. The metal element will be the most beneficial element in 2024, as it represents the source of wealth and money. Industries that use metal, such as metal building materials and products, electronic parts, medical profession and cultural circle, pharmacy and pharmacist, will have high demand and profit. The fire element meets with wood, but restrained by water in 2024. This means that there will be more trouble and disputes among people. It also means that people’s communication and thinking will be restricted and suppressed. Therefore, 2024 will be a complex and challenging year for wealth generation and social harmony.

In 2024, the year of the Dragon (Jia Chen), is also the start of the 20 years of new period 9. The fire element will be the most powerful and influential element. The fire element is represented by the number 9 star, which is also called the Purple Happiness Star. The number 9 star will occupy the centre position of the feng shui chart and control the eight directions. The number 9 star belongs to the Li trigram, which represents authority, ambition, and impulsiveness. The number 9 star can bring both joy and sorrow, depending on whether it is favourable or unfavourable. When it is favourable, it can bring glory, happiness, and celebrations. When it is unfavourable, it can bring disasters, destruction, and explosions. Therefore, 2024 will include intense and dramatic events and emotions.

The number “3 Jade Dispute Star” will also occupy the centre position of the fengshui chart. The wood element is represented by the number 3 star. This wood element will also be strong and influential and support and reinforce the number 9 star, which represents the fire element. The number 3 star belongs to the Chen trigram, which represents conflict, movement, and change. The number 3 star can bring more arguments, disputes, and lawsuits. It can also affect the health of the eyes, heart, blood circulation system, and emotions. The Middle East countries, which are in the process of reducing their dependence on the US dollar and influence, will face more political turmoil and changes. The number 3 star can also attract more crimes, enemies, robberies, damages, aggression, thefts, inducements, fake news and rumours. Therefore, 2024 year will include confrontation and transformation.

In 2024, the wood element will clash with the metal element in the northwest area of the feng shui chart. The wood🌳 element is represented by the “4 Green Intellectual Star”. The metal element is represented by the Chian trigram, which symbolises heaven, father, and authority. The number 4 star belongs to the Shen trigram, which represents wind, movement, and change. The clash between wood and metal will bring more disputes, conflicts, and challenges to the authority figures and institutions in the northwest area. For example, China and Europe may have more trade wars and sanctions against each other. The United States may also try to intervene and influence the situation, but it will face resistance and failure from the east wind. The water element will also be present in the northwest area, in the number 1 White Official Star. The water element will support and enhance the wood element, which means that the academic, study, and official luck will be strong in this area. However, the water element will also weaken the metal element, which means that there will be more dissolution, displacement, stagnation, and illness in this area. The water element can also bring more sexual disputes, scandalous affairs, hostility, fierce controversy, water disasters, undiagnosed and infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, father and son feud, and elderly critical illness. Therefore, 2024 will be a year of change and challenge for the northwest area. However, if proper measures can be taken, people’s official fate can be improved.

In 2024, the earth element will be the most destructive and harmful element. The earth element is represented by the 5Yellow Ominous Star. The number 5 star will occupy the west “Tui” position of the flying star chart and bring misfortune and calamity to the west area. The west area includes the western districts and countries, such as Europe and America. The number 5 star represents earth, disasters and illness. The number 5 star will bring more disputes, acute illness, food poisoning, drug sensitivity, venereal disease, serious illness, gastrointestinal disease, gastrointestinal cancer, stomach bleeding, pulmonary disease, and respiratory diseases to the west area. The number 5 star will also meet with the number 2 star, which is also called the Sickness Star. The number 2 star will increase the hostility and negativity of the number 5 star. The United States, as the leader of the western countries, may continue to use its power and influence to interfere with and sanction other countries, especially in the east. However, the wood element will be strong and the metal element will fail. This means that the United States will face more challenges and failures in its foreign policy and diplomacy. Therefore, 2024 will be a year of decline and disaster for the west area.

The“6 White Prosperity Wealth Star”, which is metal in nature, will be in the northeast “Gen” position. The star will drain away the energy of the Wealth star. In this area, people will have difficulty accumulating their finances. People will also be prone to injuries and disputes involving their limbs. However, the star can still assist and benefit people who are looking for job opportunities. Elderly people need to prevent falling down and getting hurt, while young people may like to go out and forget to return home. If appropriate Feng Shui measures can be applied, people can still have some progress in the northeast area.

The negative “7 Red Destructive” star, which is metal in nature, occupies the south “Li” position. The southern districts and countries, such as Australia and Southeast Asia, may face bush fires, fire disasters, inflammations, neuropathy, dryness, back pain, urinary system diseases, gastroenteritis, and scandalous affairs. This star enhances the water element, and metal and water generate each other. However, this also increases the chances of scandalous affairs and sexual activities. The middle ladies will be most affected by this. Moreover, the eastern wood🌳 is strong and the metal is weak, which means that the United States and its European allies will fail in their attempts to interfere with the Southeast Asian seas. The strong wood🌳 will overcome the metal.

The “8 Wealth Star”, which is an earth element, arrives at the north “Kan” position. This will boost the population and wealth of the northern districts and China, and bring more celebrations and marriages to this area. However, there will also be some negative effects, such as kidney, bladder, stomach, hidden diseases and back pain. These are caused by the earth element invading the water element, which represents wealth and health. Russia and China will also face increased risk of undiagnosed, sudden, and infectious diseases.

The “9 Purple Happiness Star, which is a fire element in nature, occupies the southwest “Ku’n” position. This will bring more celebration, happiness, and newborn members to this area. However, there will also be some negative effects, such as cardiovascular and cerebro-vascular diseases, skin cancer, blood diseases, urinary diseases, and elderly ladies’ syndromes. The elderly men will also be prone to brain disease and pulmonary diseases.

The “1 White Official Star”, which is water in nature, arrives at the east “Chen” position. With the support of the number 7 star from the Age Nine, the water element becomes abundant, which nourishes the wood element. This leads to the progress of academic, study, documentation, job promotion and scandalous affairs. The elderly men will suffer most.

The2 Black Illness Star” will occupy the southeast “Sun” position of the feng shui chart and bring sickness and misfortune to the southeast area. This star will be the most harmful and negative element. The southeast area includes the southeast districts and countries, such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The number 2 star belongs to the Ku’n trigram, which represents earth, mother, and illness. This will bring more sickness, chronic, minor troublesome diseases, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and eye diseases to the southeast area. Elderly ladies will suffer the most and have disharmony with their mother-in-law. Japan will also face more economic and environmental problems due to its decision to dump nuclear waste water into the ocean. Japan’s aquatic products, fruits, and agricultural products will be banned and boycotted by other countries. Japan’s economy will be seriously affected and foiled. Japan will have to pay for its actions and consequences.

Please note that there are many different outcomes with various combinations of the positions of the Flying and Current stars, which cannot be covered in this brief analysis. You may also be interested in the other companion articles written by the author, such as “Jia Shen year – 12 Animals Zodiac”.However, you also need to work hard, be flexible, and seize the opportunities that come to your way.

Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a qualified and experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in Melbourne, Australia. He has a deep understanding and skill in various aspects of Chinese metaphysics, such as choosing auspicious dates, analyzing compatibility, applying Feng Shui, reading palms and faces, etc. He has solutions to lots of problems. He also has clients from many countries.



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