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Zen Yin Year of the Tiger – General Predictions for 2022

Author: Dr. Edward Tsang (Registered Herbalist & Acupuncturist) Editor: Edmund Chin

Welcome to the Year of the Tiger ! We wish everyone a thriving and prosperous year ahead! Let's analyze the 2022 Ba Zi:

Lunar New Year in 2022 will fall on 1st February, however the actual First day of Spring for the year of Tiger in 2022 will fall on 4th February at 04:58 pm (Gregorian Calendar). The Four Pillars (bazi) of this date is ZenYin壬寅Year, ZenYin壬寅Month, Wu Tzu 戊子Day, and Chia Yin甲寅 Hour. In 2020, the first day of the Year of the Tiger will be on 4th of February, which means that Spring will arrive to be celebrated after the Chinese New Year.

On the First Day of Tiger belongs to earth element, the three pillars of month, year and time belong to Wood element, it represents that strong wood (star of government authorities) is invading the first day of Spring. Although it sits on the star of Wealth (water), it can hardly obtain wealth due to weak earth in comparison to the whole four pillars.

The whole four pillars of First Day of Spring belongs to strong Wealth, people will suffer scourge and pungent life because of seeking their money. The first day of Spring, star of Wealth appears on the heaven stem, and links to the earth stem, yet there is no supporting star to the star of wealth, but invaded and drained by strong wood (star of government authorities). How can wealth and finance be generated and obtained? The four pillars of first day of Spring, there is no auspicious stars (metal) to support the star of wealth. Therefore, in the year of Tiger, wealth and finance is only used and drawn from their own national reserve.

On the First Day of Tiger, fire element belongs to the good allies貴人 and it can protect the Earth element, fire is acting as Customs clearance documents and it will be considered as recognized vaccine passports. Local governments’ regimes and country between country’s regime will be divided. Strong country is asking weak countries to stand on their sides and some countries need to seek for their financial support to choose on their sides. Tiger is not a stable year, due to lacking of metal element to generate its wealth channels. Metal is also dominating people’s wisdom and lacking wisdom to analyse their thinking and a clear directions. Lacking of goal, spawn chaos or strategies will turn to wrong plans. The first day of Spring, four pillars have no supports, international relations cannot resume to the right track and countries need to keep on their own developments and struggles for their own finance.

The First Day of Spring belongs to Yang Earth, no fire element to support and drain away the strong star of government authorities (wood) and also lacking metal to restrain the strong wood. Star of government authorities is strong, but the star of Earth is weak, which will invade the first day of Spring, “Wu Earth” is being invaded and no auspicious stars to support, the politics of middle East countries and regions will face serious pressures and challenges. Fortunately, there are unseen supports from the hidden earth stems of year and month. All these signs representing that there are some strong supports and strength from certain parties to reduce their negative factors.

In the year of Tiger, there is no metal element in place and strong wood is clashing metal which cannot generate the star of wealth (water), the European countries and American economies will further slide down and being abandoned. American QE system will be also further facing frustration. There is no metal element in the four pillars of the year of Tiger, financial system will also be frustrated, investors must be cautious.

The four pillars of First Day of Spring, wood element is very strong and no metal, America unites with European Allies to against and restrain China, especially America no matter it is a small or big affairs will interfere China by using her high-handed to bully China and extend her long arms for jurisdiction. However, due to metal element does not show in the four pillars of the First Day of Spring, all American clamoring, domineering and hegemony will be in vain. Finally, American will pay for her hegemony and definitely fail. Water is abundant and flow to Eastern wood, all European countries will still conceit on their own and secretly plan to deliver pressure to China. However, as per the metaphysical theory, western metal will generate water which will flow to Eastern wood and Easter wood will therefore be arising and Eastern wood will follow and generate to the Southern fire, a new and prosperous China arising.

The First Day of Spring, water element (wealth) is strong and the “Wu Earth” is weak and no support which will conceal to grasp and invade the water element. In the year of Tiger, wealth management will be difficult, investors must be cautious, investments in finance, stock market and transportation must be careful, as three wood elements are attacking metal. Finance or financial hype will definitely be impacted. Electronic money generation comes to the market.

Fire represents the industries of IT communication, the star of fire is covered by water. This reflects that the world IT information is confused and errors in distributions. In the year of Tiger, fire element is weak, it is easy to come across of heart, blood circulation, eyes, kidney, skeleton, brain and bladder diseases, irregular heart- beats, liver, blood lesions and

secret urinary system diseases. Court scourge is also because of lewdness affairs.

Due to star of wealth is drained, the expression of languages and dialects is difficult and slow. Languages are constraint and creation is hard to develop. In the current year, transportation, banking, water products will further slide down, investors must be cautious. However, metal industries, metal construction materials, metal products, electronic parts, medical industry, culture and pharmacy and pharmacist will lead the markets.

In the year of Tiger, the "5 Yellow Ominous Star”- destructive in nature, dominates in the Centre position, it reflects that middle countries and regions will fall into chaos and tight political situations. The disaster star is trapped in centre, its fierce nature will increase and easy to appear large scale virus or man-made scourge. Epidemic, skeleton, gastrointestinal and stomach and gynecological diseases will occur from the middle regions.

The"6 White Prosperity Wealth Star”,is metal in nature, will be at the Northwest “Chien” position , Northwest countries and regions, there will be numerous continuously and is an eventful year and controversy is rising and non-stop arguing. There are more disputes and lewdness affairs in this regions, scandal affairs, full of hostilities and fierce controversy. People’s emotion is high and rebellious children and father and son become enemies. There are more respiratory diseases in these districts.

The negative "7" Red Destructive” star, metal in nature, occupies the West “Tui” position, in the year of Tiger, metal element does not exist and strong wood is clashing metal, no supporting star, the economy of America and European countries will be further sliding down, America, as the leader of European countries, whose hegemony will definitely drop down and face frustration. The four pillars of Tiger, there are no metal element popping out, but clashed by strong wood, America will be cast aside by her European allies. Finance system is facing frustration, investors must be cautious.

The “Big 8 Wealth Star” arrives Northeast “Gen” position, regions and countries, North and South Korea are eventful year in the year of Tiger. The epidemics in the provinces of China, Dailian and Hailongjiang are hard to reduce and need to reinforce its prevention. As per the impacts by the combination of the Wealth star and “8 Big Wealth Star” in Northeast region, people will easily suffer and influent by its negative energy, emotional stress and low spiritual mood. There will be more gastrointestinal diseases, back pain and secret-urinary system diseases, especially for the young people. The Big Wealth 8 star is locating in this area, but not preference due to restrained by earth element and cannot show its advantage. However, if proper Feng Shui setting is adopted, wealth still can be generated.

The “9 Purple Happiness Star– is a fire element in nature occupies the South “Li” position, arrives in Southern region, Australia, New Zealand and Southern countries, which belongs to fire element, prosperous and celebrating star, however meeting with the original Flying star and negative stars, it derivates some waning issues and affects the fate in the Northeast region. The negative combination will derive possible fire related disasters. There will be more headache, laryngitis, eyes, gastrointestinal diseases, food poison. This will especially affect middle ladies in the families. Elderly male at home will experience lung cancer or pneumonia diseases.

The “1 White Official Star” arrives the Northern “K’an position, both are water in nature.

The Northern countries and regions, China and Russia, due to water and wood are generating, both countries’ co-operation and tacit agreement are complemented more closely and obtained international recognition. Northern residents’ social network is abundant and relationship, tourist and hotel industries are gradually improving.

The "2 Black Illness Star”, represents illness, arrives in the Southwest “K’um” position, meeting with the destructive "5 Yellow Ominous Star”. Southwest countries and region will suffer serious illness, accidents, disasters and secrete urinary systems diseases, abdominal pain, eye disease, more troubles, hindrance, stomach, gastrointestinal diseases and cancer, stomach bleeding, especially for elderly ladies.

"3 Jade Dispute Star” arrives in the East “Chen” position and the "4 Green Intellectual Star”is in the Southeast. Eastern and Southeastern countries and regions, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Philippines will experience chaotic situation and social contraindication, which will be gradually showing out. Japan, Korea and Taiwan will be non-stop creating troubles through their alliance and coalition party. In this area, there will be more bankrupt, accidents, 4 limbs injuries, liver and biliary diseases, unstable emotion. Eastern region will be especially for Middle men and Southeastern region will be especially for middle ladies in the family.

Please note that, there are many different outcomes with various combinations of the positions of the Flying and Current stars, which cannot be covered in this brief analysis. You may also be interested in the other companion articles written by the Author which are, “Zen Yin Year Monthly Predictions”,"The Xuan Kong Flying Stars in Zen Yin Year of the Tiger" , “Zen Yin Feng Shui Cures” and “Zen Yin year of 12 animals Zodiacs”.

Dr Edward Tsang (Jin Yan) is a registered Chinese medicine traditional practitioner and acupuncturist in Melbourne, Australia. Dr Tsang has extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese metaphysics. This includes date selection, compatibility analysis, Feng Shui, palm reading and face reading.

Website:; Mobile number: 0400 878 618

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